The Ultimate Makeup Guide Bundle

Makeup could be tricky: Wouldn’t you love to take the Guess Work Out of Makeup?

The ultimate makeup guide to help problem solve women concerns about makeup. Now is the time to get started and become a more confident YOU. When your not sure where to start or have common questions and/or concerns this amazing makeup guide for beginners & up will be beneficial for YOU. 

Who Understands? Is This You SIS?

You feel exhausted because you gone to the beauty store to buy makeup and felt completely lost...your'e probably not sure what eyeshadow looks good on you based on your eye color.

You feel exhausted because you've gone to the beauty store and looked at makeup brushes and can't seem to figure out which one you need or should buy. You want to know how to use them and which one to use.

Applying makeup could be difficult at times and you will love to learn how to apply an everyday makeup look step by step video.

Applying false lashes could be a headache at times, but with the right steps you can learn how to apply your false lashes by watching step by step video.

Clueless about contouring and highlighting you'd love some step by step tips to help take your everyday makeup look to the next level.
Hey Sis!!! What if I told you there was a way to get started and learn about makeup to become better at it. Like a step by step video guide on how to apply an everyday makeup look and much, much more!!!

Think About It SIS...

✔️ not having to worry about  which Makeup brush to use 

✔️ not having to spend so much money on learning about the Essentials of Makeup

✔️ you will know how to apply eyeshadow like a PRO

✔️ choosing Makeup will become easier the next time you go to the beauty store

✔️ you will know how to pair eyeshadows 

✔️ You will not have to struggle trying to understand the basics of Makeup

✔️ you will have helpful videos to guide you with your Makeup needs

✔️ you will know how to pair eyeshadow colors 

✔️ you will become more confident using a makeup brush

✔️ this makeup guide will guide you every step of the way

✔️ you will learn how to apply liquid eyeliner 

✔️ you will get secrets tips, steps and videos about makeup

✔️ you don’t have to go to beauty school to learn


Why the Ultimate Makeup Guide Bundle...

Makeup is never ending there is always a question to be asked and a question to be answered. As a license esthetician and professional makeup artist I would get many women asking me about how to get started with makeup application, usage and placement. I have many women asked me questions about makeup, from women who wear makeup everyday to women who struggles with applying makeup. I have had so many clients, friends and family suggest that I come up with a guide to help them with their makeup needs.
One questions I always get asked by many women is “how do you get your brows like that”…lol I just love when I’m asked that question because this informs me that I’m in the right field to teach and educate other women to be able to get that same arch or come close to it. 
I totally understand women who struggle when drawing on their brows, one thing I always recommend is to have a “steady hand with light strokes” The brows is a big piece to makeup its Essential, it sets the face for everything else. 
Knowing that many women face some of the similar struggles when it comes to makeup such as picking the right makeup, applying makeup, buying makeup, filling in brows and etc. It’s my passion and honor SIS to help make it easy and doable for YOU. 

Hey SIS you ready? Now Introducing…The Ultimate Makeup Guide for Beginners & YOU Bundle: A Guide To Help You Easily Get Started with Makeup & Taking Your Look To The Next Stage. It’s Time To Level Up!!

YOU will have 35 pages full of tips, advice, how-to’s and more!!

  • A detailed guide to Makeup Brushes and their use
  • Best eyeshadow shades for your eye color
  • Eyeshadows that create a Natural Makeup look
  • How to Apply False Eyelashes
  • How to apply liquid eyeliner like a pro
  •  Much, Much More!!
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  • Who Is This Makeup Guide For? This makeup guide is for beginners who may struggle with selecting makeup or applying makeup. This guide is also good for those who are already into makeup and those who does their makeup often. The truth about makeup is you will always learn something new even if your a PRO and you will most definitely learn lots of great information in this makeup guide that will help boost your confidence with makeup to the next level.
  • Once I Purchase My Makeup Guide What Happens Next? You will have immediate access to your digital product file. 
  • If There Is Something I’m Having A Hard Time Understanding, Could I Reach Out To You? Yes SIS of course. Just send me an email and I will get back with you as soon as I can. 
  • What Format Does This Product Come In? The makeup guide bundle comes in a PDF.
  • Is My Credit Card Secure? Yes, I totally understand the importance of security. Which is why I use Square and Gumroad for my billing and security. Gumroad payment is secured by SSL with 128-bit encryption, and processed with PCI Compliant service providers. Square meets Level 1 PCI Data Security Standards, fully encrypted. 
  • What Is The Refund Policy? Due to the makeup guide being a digital product, there will be no refunds after purchase. 

What’s Included…Here’s What You Will Get And Learn…

  • A detailed guide to Makeup Brushes and their use
  • Difference between synthetic and natural makeup brushes
  • Best Eyeshadow Color matches: Combos made in Heaven
  • 7 Secrets to pair Eyeshadow Colors together
  • Best eyeshadow shades for your eye color
  • Eyeshadows that create a Natural Makeup look
  • Eyeshadows that create a Bold Eye Makeup loo
  • How to apply Eyeshadow like a Pro
  • How to apply liquid eyeliner like a pro
  • How to Apply False Eyelashes
  • How to Contour and Highlight
  • Difference between Contour & Bronzer
  • How to make Hooded eyes pop
  • Best techniques and motions to use brushes for eyes makeup
  • Some tips to glam with dramatic eye makeup

$24 Worth Of Material 

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