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My name is Shampayne

Specializing in providing virtual skincare online such as skin analysis, which is an hour long and very in-depth, and is personalized per individual. You'll get the best, step-by-step advice, recommendations, and what not to do. It is truly customized for you and your skin.

Here is what you can expect from your virtual skin analysis consultation

  • Choose what time works great for you and book your $75 60-minute session.

  • As your esthetician skincare specialist I will get in touch with you by phone or Zoom (video) call for your skincare analysis consultation at that time. (Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder too.)

  • As your esthetician specialist, I will listen to your concerns, share professional skincare advice, discuss your skin with you by understanding what products you need, how to use them, and what ingredients are beneficial. We will work together to figure out your needs.

  • Alongside with my recommendations and notes, Here is 30% off discount code: SKIN30 for your first time virtual skin analysis consultation appointment. 

My Clients Say

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Client Review
"Getting back to my date me days. I decided to support not only a black owned business but another Queen in her field.SBaethetics is a whole experience. My body was jealous of my face her gentle touch told I need to treat my face washing at home with care.Ms. Shampayne made me feel welcomed, explained everything to me. I will be back, let’s make sure we are taking care of our skin, we need to keep her busy."

Kamilah S.





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As a small thank you for taking these steps towards healthier skincare with SBEaesthetics, you'll get 30% off using discount code: SKIN30 when you book.

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Wherever you are in your skincare journey, this is a chance to get the help you need with your skin. Book via online zoom video consultation or phone call – both are only $75.


You may have a few questions that you need to figure out when it comes to your skin and skincare.


I will help you understand your skin type, address your skin concerns, and answer any questions you have about your current skincare routine.


You may like to ask me what each individual product do's, or tips, steps, and more on how to make your routine work better for your specific skin needs.

make your routine work better for your specific skin needs.

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I can also consider looking at the bigger picture and examine other factors that may affect your skin, such as your current products, stress levels, diet, hormonal changes, and sleep patterns.


I'll help analyze your questions or concerns, providing comprehensive solutions and skincare advice. I'll also put together a daily skincare routine plan to better suit your skin, and your schedule.

I will send you a follow-up email with an extensive skincare treatment plan, based on what we discussed and with recommendations and suggestions. If you have more questions or concerns, you have the option to book again. I'm here to help you and your skin win!